A Few Essential Oils & How They Are a Part of Our Daily Routine

We are definitely running low!  Time to order some more!

We are definitely running low!  Time to order some more!

Morning Time

In the morning, I like to put some peppermint oil in to our diffuser to help the kids wake up and to also open their sinuses so that they can breather better.  On school days, I like to use rosemary also.  It helps to fire up their brains and will aid their concentration and memory for the school day ahead.  During the cold and flu season, it doesn't hurt to add a little On Guard® to the diffuser for some extra protection from the bugs going around.  

I usually breathe some rosemary and frankincense in before I start working.  It really helps to get the creative juices flowing and to concentrate on the task at hand.  I also use a roll-on called In Tune® that is great for enhancing your ability to focus.  Also great for people that struggle with paying attention.  


When the kids get home from school, we usually have some On Guard® in the diffuser just in case they bring in any of those pesky bugs from school.  If they seem a little down or tired, we add some Elevation to the diffuser also.  If they have homework that requires them to really concentrate, we will usually use some more rosemary and or the In Tune®.


After dinner, one of the kids will usually add Serenity® or lavender to the diffuser to help everyone to start relaxing and calming down for the evening.  If this doesn't seem to do the trick of getting them to settle down, we will usually add a little bit to their spine and bottoms of feet and/or have them take a couple deep breaths of it in through their noses.  If our one year old is having any trouble sleeping, a drop rubbed down his spine usually does the trick.

These are just a few of the oils we use daily in our home.  If you enjoyed this short post, or have any questions, please don't hesitate to leave a comment and share this post with people.  For more information about essential oils, and where to find these high quality blends, click here. Thanks!