Bulletproof Coach Training

The two days of in person training were absolutely amazing.  They were nothing like I expected.  I expected to be learning about diet, nutrition, technology and that sort of thing.  Instead, we learned about ourselves and our fellow classmates, and learned how to connect to clients in a way that gives us the ability to peel back the layers and get to the real issue.  I saw it happen with well over 100 people all around me.  We learned how to coach people on how to lift the blinders that were blocking them from connecting with their real selves and so much more.  I can not wait to see what the rest of this nine months of training has in store for me.  I have met many people that after just a few days have become lifelong friends, and connected with them in ways I never knew possible.  I would recommend this to anyone that wants to take their coaching to the next level or that just wants to help themselves and/or others achieve another level of consciousness and optimal health and wellness.

The first day consisted of introductions, some talks by Dave and Dr. Mark, and a lot working in groups.  The group work was what separated this from anything else I have ever done.  We learned to enter a level of mindfulness called presence, and then coach each other from this level.  It allowed us to open up and really connect with each other.  I have never felt so comfortable with people I had known such a short time.  They were able to get me out of my head and help me find my limiting beliefs and to release any power they had over me.

The second day started with of course, some BP coffee, then a powerful group meditation.  We had a little more time in small groups working on our goals and dreams.    Dave came in to talk and for a question and answer session that lasted quite a while.  You could tell that he was touched by and wanted to hear everyone's stories. 

These were some of the highlights of the 2 day in person training.  There is way to much to tell, and putting it in to words just wouldn't do it justice.  I will never forget these two days and look for to where the training and our lives go from here.  If you'd like to learn more, you can go here.