Dave Asprey's Quarterly Package


Here is what came in my box from Dave Asprey's current shipment from Quarterly. Check out Dave and his products here http://bit.ly/1lY1jzb

Defender Pad

This pad is for your laptop or tablet.  It protects your lap from the heat, and electromagnetic signals coming from your device.  It also protects you from the harmful radiation emitted from the device.  This baby retails for the price of the whole box!  Plus it has the BULLETPROOF® logo.

Unfair Advantage

This is a great supplement that I have been using regularly for quite a while now. It includes Active PQQ which increses mitochondria and supports cognitive function.  It also includes COQ-10 which promotes energy and heart function.  My box came with 4 ampules of it.

60Beat Blue Heart rate monitor

This heart rate monitor seems to work well, and the app that goes along with it records how intense your workout is by giving you the percentages of time that you are in different levels of elevated heart rate.  It also seems to work good with other fitness and HRV apps.

Earplanes ear plugs

These earplugs relieves the air pressure discomfort from flying to traveling at altitude.  They also reduce loud noises like normal ear plugs.

Full Size Bottle of Upgraded Coconut Charcoal

This is another supplement that I have been using for a while

2 oz HDPE Travel Bottle

This will be what I use to carry my Brain Octane Oil with me on my trip to the Bulletproof Training and Bulletproof Biohacking Conference.

Included coupons

15% off an order from Defendershield

50% off a custom necklace or bracelet from MyIntent.org

$100 off a Mineral Power Hair Mineral Analysis

25% off a MoveNat Trainer Certification and 20% off a MoveNat Natural Movement Clinic


This box is definitely worth the $100 price of the subscription.  One item alone was worth that. Definitely a great box with things that I will use all the time!  Can't wait for the next one!