Holiday Biohack Box From Quarterly

The holidays came early this year.  I  received my holiday biohack box from, and I am super excited to try out the products in it.  This box came in place of my subscription to Ben Greenfield's and Tim Ferriss' package.  The other two curators of this box are Melissa Joulwan, the paleo expert and Kevin Rose, the internet entrepeneur.  Over the next couple days, my wife and I are going to be trying these products out, and then I will finish this post with our reviews and post it.  If you have never heard of Quarterly, its is a subscription service that enables you to receive a box every three months from different people that you like.  I currently receive boxes from Dave Asprey, Tim Ferriss, and Ben Greenfield.  Check them out at  Now, on to the contents of the box.



MCT oil in powder form!  MCT stands for Medium Chain Triglyceride and the oil, along with grassfed butter make up the badassery that is Bulletproof Coffee.  It helps with cognitive performance and is a staple of a ketogenic diet.  The great thing about having it in a powder form is that you can add it to a smoothie or use it for baking.  It also is a lot easier than the messy oil to travel with.  Another reported benefit is that it is much easier on you stomach than the oil.  For people not used to the oil, using to much can cause an upset stomach or even "diaster pants".  It states on the tub that "Most people who can't tolerate liquid MCTs have no digestive distress with our powdered version". 


Drinkwel is marketed as a multivitamin for healthy people who drink.  It is supposed to replenish nutrients, support liver health and process alcohol induced toxins.  Sounds great!  I don't know anyone out there that wouldn't want an easy way to reduce the negative effects of alcohol, allowing them to wake up the next morning and have it feel just like a normal day.  Is that wishful thinking, or does it really work?  It just so happened that for the first night in quite a while, we were kid free and were planning on going out for dinner and a few drinks and being the "take one for the team" kind of people that we are, my wife and I decided to do an experiment to see if it really worked.  The results were quite amazing.  After consuming enough alcohol that would normally make me miserable the next day with issues including, nausea, headaches, very low energy levels, cramps, brain fog, and just an overall feeling like shit, I remarkably felt quite amazing.  Aside from some slight symptoms of dehydration, which means that I didn't consume enough water in between beer and shots, I felt just like any other Sunday morning.  The consensus from my wife is the same as well.  She woke up with even more energy than me, which is typical on most days.  I will definately be be keeping some of this on hand for any other time that we decide to have a few drinks. 


Sleepphones is a soft headband with embedded speakers inside.  I have been using a similar product for the last few months and love them.  These are even softer and the speakers put out a higher quality sound.  I will definately be using these to listen to music or binaural waves when I sleep. 


I have to admit that when I first saw these, I was very skeptical of whether they would be any good.  I have tried similar products with limited results.  After checking out the ingredients and trying them myself, I can now say that they really do work!  I also gave them to my wife who has not tried many nootropic or brain supplements and she loved it too.  There is an immediate energy surge upon taking them which is from the caffeine.  After about 30 minutes, I started to feel the effects from the other ingredients which included alertness, a better ability to focus and a boost in creativity.  In particular, I could feel the Oxiracetam and Piracetam which are two very well known and researched nootropics.  They taste very good, however you can still taste a slight bitterness from the racetams.  Aside from the racetams, the ingredients are all natural.  I highly recommend this supplement, especially on days that you need a mental boost. Try it out for free here.

Get your Free Trial of truBrain and improve your focus. You pay only $5.95 shipping and handling.


This is a BPA free bottle that has a removable bottom so that you can get in a clean it easier.  This solves the problem of trying to get the particles out that may be left behind from your protein shake or smoothie. This has always been an issue for me because it is very hard to get your hands down in to the bottles to get it clean, which can lead to mold building up inside your bottle which is definitely not a good thing.  I am very excited to use this bottle in the coming weeks.  It also comes with a 100% lifetime guarantee.  


These are small pouches of goodness.  They are made with real fruit, and loaded with 10 grams of whey protein.  I really like the packaging which makes it easy to throw it in to my pocket or pack when I go to the gym or out for a hike for an extra boost.  They taste great and don't have any artificial ingredients, sugar and are gluten free.


This bar tastes amazing.  The ingredients are all organic with nothing artificial and it is gluten free.  This is another great go to snack when you are on the go.  I can definitely see myself throwing a few of these in my pocket or bag on hikes, trips, or just as a snack to hold myself or family over.

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