The New Quarterly Box From Biohacker Dave Asprey

Dave's new box is here!  It seems Christmas came a few days early for me.  I look forward to these boxes.  Ordering something and knowing what will be in the box is one thing, but the anticipation and surprise of opening something with no clue what is in it is entirely different.  Lets check it out.


This is the main item of the box.  It alone is worth more than I paid for the entire box.  This is a Transcranial Direct Current Stimulator (tDCS).  This is placed on different points on your head or body and runs a direct current through it.  I have heard about these devices, but have never had the chance to use one.  A quick online search came up with TONS of information including different combinations of electrode placement for different things.  I tried out a couple and was quite surprised.  I used a combination for memory enhancement and did a little reading in one of my biology books.  When I was done, I couldn't believe the amount of information I had retained.  Definitely a great product.  I look forward to using it in the future and trying out a configuration that the military and DARPA uses to cut the training time of snipers in half!  I will experiment and see how effective it is in learning other skills.  For more info check out


I have been using aniracetam for quite a while now off and on.  Powder City, where these capsules come from are my go to for anything nootropic.  Aniracetam improves memory and learning capabilities, while also effecting symptoms of social anxiety, especially speaking in public.  It has also been shown to enhance creativity and writing and have positive effects on your mood.  You can learn more at


I really like this subscription.  They have quite a few different kinds of music available.  I have been using it all day today and have found that I can block out external distractions (kids), focus better and feel calm.  It also seems like I am able to retain information that I am ready better than usual.

Check them out here  to get your own free trial


Homebiotic is a probiotic spray to balance the microbes in your home and prevent mold growth.  I used this product once before over the summer.  It seems to work well and reduce the amount of mold growth in my bathroom.  I wish I had a way to quantify how well it is really working.  I have a feeling that it works much better on surfaces that it can soak in to.  In high moisture areas that are wet often like the shower, it may get washed away easily.

Bulletproof has tons of great products that I use daily.  If you would like to check out Homebiotic or any of their other products, go here.

The moldy movie

This is a documentary about the dangers and science if environmental mold toxins.  It is a very informative documentary and one of my top recommendations to clients that are showing any signs of mold toxicity.  I have watched this three times so far and retain something new every time I watch it.  Check it out here

The Bulletproof chef e-book

This has some real good recipes for Bulletproof meals.  It also has some cooking and coffee hacks.  I have made most of the recipes in here and was very pleased how they came out.  If you are in search of recipes for helping you reduce inflammation and get a lot healthier, check it out.  Download it free here.


I am super pleased with this box!  I love the tDCS device and plan to continue experimenting with it.  That alone was more money than the whole box.  I am also loving the classical genre of Focus@Will.  Hope you enjoyed this post.  Please leave me a comment and tell me what you thought!